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Being in an older younger gay relationship - or trying to be - can be difficult.  Though there's numerous emotions and challenges to deal with, there's little help or guidance for people like you, that like either younger or older men.

To create visibility and help others in areas we wish we'd had advice, we made this blog and started our social media.  There's infinite areas and age gap can impact you and your life, but hopefully we can help you answer some of the big questions you have.

Any questions please get in touch on here, @TheAgeGapGuys on Instagram or @AgeGapGays on TikTok (and drop us a follow), it's been great chatting to so many of you : )

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The Age Gap Guys Blog:  Gay Older
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Thoughts and Advice on Gay Age Gap Dating, Relationships, and Life

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Use our handy filter to find the age gap category you're looking for, or search for a specific topic.  If we haven't covered it yet, let us know you'd like us to!  See here for our general LGBTQ+ blog.

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Blog: Finding Age Gap

Finding an Older Younger Gay Relationship - Advice and Stories

There are loads of hurdles to getting a gay young old relationship.  From accepting your attraction to older or younger gay men, to how to actually find your perfect partner.  Here are some tips and help you confidently find your magic match.

Navigating Gay Young Old Age Gap Relationships

Blog: Navigating Age Gap

So you've found a boyfriend, partner, daddy, whatever you want to call your man.  However from figuring out who pays through family introductions, to dealing with age, there's a lot that's still to navigate that's unique to a gay young old age gap relationship.  This is where we talk about some tips and tricks we've learned along the way

General Age Gap Gay Topics

Blog: General Age Gap

Outside of finding an older or younger man, to having a successful age gap gay relationship, there's plenty of other areas to talk about in the gay young old spectrum.  So here are a few blog posts to help you with using the right terms, understanding yourself a little more, and a few stories form @TheAgeGapGuys and others