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Proven - Lil Nas X Has Butt Plug Thrown at Him in Montero (Call Me By Your Name) Music Video

Lil Nas X has caused all sorts of highly foreseeable controversy with their new song Montero (Call Me By Your Name). From the teaser (here) to Nike scrambling to deny any collaboration with the 'Satan' shoe, to the inevitable furore raised from lapdancing Satan in the video

However the thing we all want to know, is what is being tossed at the rapper as they are stood in chains?

Well upon some pausing, rewinding and pausing, we can confirm that ..... it does indeed appear to be a butt plug that hits the Panini singer in the face.

Lil Nas X Butt Plug in the Face montero call me by your namemusic video
Lil Nas X Butt Plug in the Face Confirmed .... we think

Whilst this hasn't technically been confirmed, the screenshot above of the music video paused at 1:46 shows what appears to highly resemble a small butt plug - similar to one you can see here (though possibly missing the jewel - though I always thought that was a slightly tacky adornment anyway).

After the antics that have accompanied the single so far, we can expect this isn't the end of the road for the old town star (get it?). However in what could well be seen as a brilliant -if controversial - piece of PR stuntery, we can't wait to see what comes next.


x The Age Gap Guys x


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