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24 Tips on How to Take a Great Dick Pic: Photograph Your Cock So It'll Excite and Entice

Whilst it's never ok to send an unsolicited dick pic - in fact in many places this is now illegal - some people love seeing a pick of the D. In dating app culture, sharing pictures before a hookup is fairly commonplace - especially within the gay community. With meetups being largely based on physical attraction, many want to sample goods before they buy the product. You never know exactly what you're going to get when the door opens for a meet, but sharing pictures with each other can limit the amount of surprise in store.

If you're a straight guy you've likely not been exposed to the amount of dick pics a gay or bi man has, so won't have much knowledge of the impact of a good or bad pic can have on. Coming from a gay couple with, um, plenty of experience, trust us, having a decent pic matters. A snap that makes your manhood look weird or unappealing can ruin your chances, while a great one can help seal the deal. So to help you increase your conversion rate of interest to in bed (and for the sake of pic recipients everywhere), let's teach you how to get it right!!

How to take the perfect great dick cock pic amazing best

Top Tips to Take a Great Cock Pic That She, He or They Will Love

Remember Your Objective and Critique

To understand how to take a pic of your dick, first think of what you're trying to achieve. Whether shared with a current partner or with a potential one - most likely for a hookup - you're ultimately trying to show off your junk in a way to impress them, turn them on, and make them want to have sex with you. So once you've taken a pic, critique it yourself, put yourself in the shoes of the receive and think how you'd judge it and feel were you to receive that pic. If you think you could do better, keep going!

Use Decent Equipment - No Blurry pics please

You don't need a £3000 Nikon, as nowadays most of us are equipped with a pretty powerful camera in your pocket - your phone! It's likely got the megapixels and resolution needed for a decent and sharable picture, but make sure the resolution is strong enough to not have any blurry or fuzzy photos. If your phone isn't up to scratch, use an SLR if you have one, or borrow a phone from a bro or get a hookup chum to help you take one. Still struggling? Just do the best you can with what you have.

Camera Proportionising

Put your camera at the base of your shaft, pointing towards the end of your nob, and it can look as big as a space rocket. However it's faaaaairly unlikely it's actually that big.

Having the camera a foot away for close up shots (or further if you want more of your body in), angled so it's parallel to your shaft. This will get you the most accurate pic that shows your guy in all its glory. As most guys' erections point up a bit, feel free to straighten it with your hand, but don't cover it up too much, as your hand might make it look smaller than it is.

Hand Pro Tip

If you're straightening out your member with your hand, hold it at the base with three not four fingers. Pull a little in to you with your hand up against your body to help reduce the natural podge many have at the bottom of their shaft, and help show your guy off as well as possible.

Props with recognisable size can be useful to compare

Show Size by Comparison / Reference

If you're a larger of thicker chap, having recognisable objects to use as a reference can help people understand its size. Deodorant, coke or Red Bull cans are popular choices, but avoid things like hair brushes as they vary in size and shape. It may be tempting, but don't try and pretend it's bigger by holding things further away or use miniature versions of things like alcohol bottles to make it seem huge when it's not.

Proportion Pro Tip:

Never have your Johnson pointing directly towards the camera. It'll foreshorten it and make it look smaller than it is (and likely a bit weird). Whilst some are into very small dicks, most people prefer some level of length. So remembering your objective of exciting and enticing someone with your pic and angle it so you can see the whole sexy thing.

Use a Tripod and Timer

If you're taking a top down look at your dude then your phone is fine in one hand while you angle yourself with the other . For other angles or where taking a wider shot, try using a tripod with a timer on your phone - you can get a cheap tripod for your phone for about £10-£20 online. These work better than awkwardly posed grubby mirror shots, and can leave you to pose how you like, getting your angles and proportions spot on.

Guide How To take a good cock pic
Unless perfectly timed, your vinegar strokes are best just enjoyed by you

Avoid Spunkytime

A c*mshot can be a sexy thing in real life, or on video. However unless you really want to show of your range and can capture it mid spurt, it's likely you'll just look like a sticky mess in a photo. Keep it simple, leave this one out, and wait for real life for the big show.

Give Yourself Options For Different Situations

Whilst a pic of just your dick is a solid portfolio asset, it can be worth adding a few other options to your arsenal. You might want a bit of your body or legs in there to make the pic a bit less intense, or even go for the full body shot. In fact, taking a few different pictures means that you can share the right pic for the person, vibe and situation. Many apps let you have a private album that you can share so you can include your range within here too. Give yourself options and it'll likely be received better by who you're sending your pics to.

Use Natural or Good Lighting, Avoid Shadows and Edit Colour Where Necessary

Dark or dim lighting can immediately ruin any picture, not just a nsfw one. Taking a pic during the day when you get natural light through your windows helps reduces shadows that can distort your junk. Turning the lights on can help if you need a bit more brightness, but avoid overly harsh or yellow lighting where possible. Making your pic as natural as possible is a winner here so edit your photo's colour a little in your phone if needed. Just make sure you keep it looking natural! No overexposed, super bright or fake tanned ding dongs please.

smartphone Dick Pic photo guide how to
Don't lie to try and get people into bed. It never ends well

Making it (at least fairly) Accurate

As size can make a difference (but not always) to some in whether they want to hook up or not, it's tempting to try to make your junk look as big as possible.

This is a bad idea. No-one wants to be disappointed by what they meet up with. If they're a bit of a size queen, if you've effectively lied about your endowment you may end up with an awkward situation where they leave mid play-date, or aren't turned on/interested which will almost certainly lead to bad sex for both of you.

So make it look good, and perhaps enhance it a little - as getting exact proportions correct on a camera can be tricky, and some poses/positions (e.g. if you're holding it) can make it look smaller than it is in reality - but don't sell something you can't deliver.

how to take a good pic of your penis
You have a haircut when you've got something important, so do the same for your Johnson!

Manscaping and Where to Shave

People like different levels of fuzziness down there, however the furrier it is, the smaller it'll look. That does not mean having a full shave however, as you'll have it looking like a baby rubber chicken (which most don't find sexy), but having a good trim is definitely worthwhile. Using a beard trimmer or dedicated device like Manscaped is definitely the way to go.

Graduate the length into your leg and tummy hair if you have some, with a few cm being plenty long enough around the top of your junk. Trim closer round the side of your balls, and give your jewels a proper shave. If you're wanting someone to put their mouth on it, a fear of picking pubes out their teeth can put people off.

Shaving Pro Tips

As hair usually grows a little way up the shaft, make sure you shave round the base. Don't go to far back or you'll leave an odd looking flesh ring, but make sure you give your guy the credit he's worth.

When shaving, make sure to use a new razor, warm water and plenty of shaving foam, or use a specific tool to help make sure you get a good trim.

Plan Your Photo Session

Many a bad pic has been taken when someone is enjoying some self love, and simply think "I'll take a pic of this", before later sharing it. The resulting pic often breaks many of the rules we've looked at - dark, fuzzy, badly proportioned, etc. So instead of spontaneously grabbing your camera mid hand-shandy, plan to take your pic. Get in the mood and feel your sexy self, and enjoy taking a pic or two. Don't love them? Don't stress about it, simply delete and have another go another time. You'll definitely get a better snap than just taking one on the fly.

instructions on taking a great dick pic guide
Don't forget your dick has balls!

Do You Have the Balls for It?

Your dick pic can be more than just your dick, don't forget you've got balls too! If you really like them being played with or they're sizeable, feel free to show them off and make them more of the focus of a photo. Sex is a mix of direct and indirect communication, through words and body language. Helping your potential partner know that your balls are a big deal (so to speak) can help the chemistry and fun down the line.

Copy Others - Research if You're Brave Enough

If you want to see the difference between a good and bad pic, have a browse of some dick pics online! If you're straight I realise this may not be super appealing, but 1) it's just research, it doesn't mean anything about your sexuality (but feel free to clear your browser history afterwards), and 2) if you're willing to send them you should be ok with looking at one or two. 3) It wont' hurt you, I promise.

Take inspiration from what others have done and copy poses and angles if you're struggling to get a good pic.

Keep Your Snaps up to Date

Your closeup cock pic is unlikely to need updating very often as your dick doesn't change much month to month. However if you're taking wider shots of your body etc, keep your pics up to date if your body changes. We all go through phases of being fitter and squishier, but it's best to be honest with what people are buying into, so keep your snaps up to date.

Keep the Background Simple

People can easily be put off of you not from your penile appearance, but from other stuff in the background. If you're in the middle of a messy room, are sat on a worn out chair, or have holes in your boxers etc, it can suggest you're a bit sloppy and some may be put off of a meet.

Some may look past this and be enamoured by your majestic schlong regardless, but some may pass at the prospect of doing it in a dirty place, or with someone that just doesn't have the same vibe as them. It's best not to distract them with things and keep the focus on you - you can always tidy up before they arrive. Remember the slightly patronising phrase, KISS - Keep your pic it Simple (ya Silly Billy), uncluttered, without unnecessary distractions.

You'll rarely get your best snap on your first go.

Take Multiple Pics

Don't just take one pic and think that's fine. Take a few, see which one you think is best. Have one? then try and make a better one!! If you can't then you've got a winner for the portfolio. Next? Try a new angle or position.

Show Off Your Best Features

People are shaped and sized differently. Some penises are bigger, wider, thicker at the end, have big bouncy balls, all sorts of things. If you have something about yours that you like and enjoy showing off, now's the time to do it. Thicker - use a comparison to show it, longer, feel free to add the measuring tape (accurately). Big balls, get them in the pic! Be confident and make your schlong a star.

how to take a gay dick pic picture photo cock
Most phones have private photo folders you can make, and apps have private albums

Keep It in Your Private Album for Easy Access

As mentioned, some apps let you keep a private album or pics that you can share. However if you're on a messenger service like Whatsapp or others, this might not be accessible. Keep your favourite photos in a hidden folder where you can access them easily should you need them. If conversation is flowing and the need arises for them, you don't want to spend 10 minutes scrolling while the mood is ruined.

You may want to leave your face out of the pic. You never know where it can end up.

Leave Your Face Out of It

This is optional, but it can be better to not have your dick and face in the same pic. Whilst many apps now allow for self destructing messages and no screenshots, if people want to keep your pics and share them, they can usually find a way. Keeping your face and dick separate helps stop naked you being seen by people that you don't want to see them.

But If You do Have Your Face In...

It's fine if you do want to have your face in the picture, and it can give the recipient certainty that it's really you in the photo. Generally a slight smile is a good look. Trying to look super sexy and smouldering can result in people looking grumpy or misshapen - the latter is especially true with the common but poorly executed, looking down at the camera in a 'I'm super manly' kind of way. Be inviting and playful, but keep their focus on the purpose of the pic.

You Can Have Teasing Pics Too

If you don't want to give the full game away, you can be a little more coy than just having a full on shot of your cock. Pics in tight underwear that show the outline can be very sexy. These can be fun pics to share in online chat foreplay as a tease as you work up to more explicit pictures.

A Final Reminder

A BIG caveat here, in that nsfw pics of any kind should never be shared unsolicited, and (depending where you live) is now be a criminal offence to do so. As much as you might think everyone should bask in the glory of your schlong, it's totally inappropriate to share pics unsolicited. Some apps now have features to say whether you do or do not accept nsfw pics to help, but always check with someone before sharing pics of you.

Also be aware that whilst some apps allow self destructing messages, people can always take photos of their phone and use other tech to record content. So once it's shared it's out there.


x The Age Gap Guys x


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