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6 Tips For Self Sex Exploration During Self Isolation

The Coronavirus means the world isn't in a great state right now. But instead of just submitting to the doom and gloom, why not use your evenings for a bit of 'self care'? Explore your sexuality a little bit and try and enjoy your down time. Beyond just being a distraction, you can get to know yourself a little more, and possibly broaden your horizons.

1. Masturbate without porn

It's easy to be lazy, go onto your favourite site and video and do the business without much thought or real enjoyment. So when was the last time you just used your imagination? Try shutting that screen, relaxing, and enjoying your wildest fantasies. The physical feelings and sensations that come alive when you're not just staring at a screen can make for a very different experience.

2. Read some erotic literature

If you struggle a bit with the imagination side you're not alone. In this digital age many of us have ben brought up glued to our screen, so going cold turkey on stimulus can feel bizarre and difficult. So something else to explore is the written word.

There are countless fantastic erotic authors out there with every naughty fantasy fulfilled in a titillating tale. For those seeking older/younger themes, authors like T.J Masters may appeal (e.g. Bear Among The Books is one I've enjoyed) in a more narrative style. Alternatively websites like Literotica are there for more of a wham bam approach.

So why not take a leaf out of Rachel from Friends' book and let yourself be taken on a wild ride with Zelda and the vicar (niche reference there), without having to conjure up the plot yourself. It can be really hot!!

3. Try some new sex toys

The sex toy market has diversified a lot. From things to help you masturbate, to things to pop inside you, there's an enormously wide range of devices and toys to help you have some self fun.

Always make sure you buy from verified sellers, make sure seals aren't broken, read up on how to use and get the most out of toys, and for dildos, butt plus, sounds, and just about anything...start small!! Don't be a size queen; it's not a competition!!

4. Watch some new types of porn

As mentioned in number 1, we can get lazy with our porn habits. It's always good to change routines up, so go down a porn rabbit hole and explore some different areas you may not have explored before. You'll likely come across a lot that isn't to your taste, but you may stumble across your next obsession, fetish or fave porn star. Don't judge yourself for any feelings you get when exploring (or others making these videos!!), and just relax and enjoy yourself.

5. Try phone or video sex

If you're isolated, physical sex isn't exactly on the table. However to get your rocks off a fun way can be through phone or video sex with your partner. If you don't have a partner, Grindr have introduced video calling recently, so that can be a safe way to explore this without sharing personal details like phone numbers. Alternatively there are various websites like Cam4 or Chaturbate where you can have some fun, or practice for your partner (if it's allowed as part of your relationship). Some can feel a little self conscious when doing this, so a major thing is not to negatively judge anyone for what they say/do or you can kill the mood fast. Don't take it too seriously and you can be surprised what comes out of your mouth!

6. Take a video for someone

If you feel too self conscious talking on cam, you could always try taking a video for your partner or sharing back and forth with a hookup. Just make sure you know who you're sharing with and can trust your content won't be shared without your consent. Once it's out there it's out there.

So there you have it. A few thoughts on how you can make the most of your forced alone-time during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But most importantly above all else, stay safe, secure and well. If you show any symptoms, take care of yourself first (in a non-sexual way) before choking the chicken

Love The Age Gap Guys X


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