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5 Lockdown Sex Tips To Make The Most of Your Time Isolated with Your Partner

For many, isolation at home means being 'stuck' with their partner. Where this sort of contact is unavoidable, and you are healthy and not showing any symptoms, why not let your inevitable horniness get the better of you and have some fun. What's more, use this as a time to try something new and explore things together as a couple. This Coronavirus sucks, so why not make the best use of your time to expand on your sexual relationship together?

1. Watch porn together

You're stuck together. So instead of waiting until one of you is in the other room or gone to the loo to look at some porn and have that danger w*nk, why not try it together!?! It can be worth having a chat to see where your interests overlap, as it may be that you like different things and haven't necessarily discussed your porn habits before. To avoid any shocks (but no judgements please), find something you both find sexy. Then relax, watch and turn up the heat ; ) Pornhub and Chill anyone?

2. Try some role play

Doctor and patient, gym instructor and trainee, teacher student, porn stars, strangers, painter and muse, boss and employee, the masseur, the options are endless!! This can be a full on role play with props, or just something fun to get the party started. Don't take it too seriously - terrible puns are 100% encouraged - and see what takes your fancy. There are plenty of short scripts you can download online to help you transform into the scuba diving rockstar fireman tennis umpire you've always wanted to be....ok maybe that's a little niche.

2. Write your own!!

For the more adventurous of you, you can try writing your own role pay scripts! It obviously takes some more time, but when you're isolated that's something on your side. You can also make your fun a bit more personalised and bring bits of your personality into it a little more. Again though, puns fully encouraged.

3. Explore your kinky side

Like some friends I have, the fetish and BDSM world is enormously wide and welcoming. Have you ever thought about leather, wanted to explore spanking, or even dress up as a puppy? Well even if you're just a little curious, being bored at home is a great time to investigate these curiousities. Not only do they exist in porn, but there are forums, guides, groups and communities dedicated to just about anything you can think of. So why not dabble your toes into something new either by yourself, or with your partner? Even if you try something and realise it's not quite for you, you'll have likely had some fun spicing things up together.

N.B. Please note that the SSC rule should always be followed: Safe (/Risk aware), Sane and Consensual. For many fetishes it is also worth doing a bit of reading to understand how to go about exploring safely and enjoyably for all parties. And you can never communicate enough.

4. Get some new toys

As mentioned in our tips for self sexual exploration in self isolation, there's loads of innovations and new types of sex toy out there - and I'm pretty sure you don't own them all. So whilst delivery services are still operational, why not buy something online to surprise your partner with. Experience some new sensations as you make the most of your time together.

5. Live out your fantasies

Who knows what lies round the corner, so why not take the plunge and let your partner know some of your fantasies. Not only will it bring you closer together, you can have a great time doing them. Just remember to not judge your partner for what they like the idea of. It doesn't mean you necessarily have to do it - you should only ever do what you're comfortable with consenting to - however knowing what turns them on is only ever a good thing when it comes to having good sex.

Note that some fantasies like sex outdoors etc shouldn't be undertaken at the current time, as they may infringe on WHO guidance. As with all these tips, they should come second to your and your partner's health and safety.

So there you have it. These can be fun to try at any time in a relationship, but lockdown can give us that extra nudge to get naughty, experiment and try new things in the bedroom. Enjoy!


The Age Gap Guys

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Well, O, you've been busy! ;-)

Thanks for this... we've ticked them off my/our list... what's next, pls? Well, fantasy is/shld be inexhaustible. I'll let you know!

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