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Biggest Age Gap Between Gay Young Old Partners - Poll

Age gay gay men kissing outdoors in the sun - Copyright
Together 7+ years, Owen and Jeremy have a 31 year age gap between them

Large age gaps may be more common in dating and relationships than you perhaps think. Whilst it's true that the majority of relationships are with those within 10 year of each other, a live poll from Gay Star News that was launched in 2018 shows that

Statistics on the largest age gap you've had in a relationship:

  • 30+ years - 18.66%

  • 16-20 years - 15.69%

  • 6-10 years - 15.45%

  • 11-15 years - 14.01%

  • 21-25 years - 13.76%

  • 0-5 years - 11.63%

  • 26-30 years - 10.79%

....So what does this mean?

What this data indicates for the gay community, is that a high proportion of people will explore such age gap relationships at least once. This isn't to say people are dating this way all the time, but they're open to engaging with someone that's a significantly different age to them.

Unfortunately there hasn't been any significant study into the frequency at which LGBTQ+ people date those significantly older/younger to them. However the community is generally considered more sexually liberal then the cis gendered heterosexual community. This would go some way towards explaining the increased willingness for gay men to engage with those outside their immediate age bracket. Studies have shown conversely in America that only 0.4% of relationships for heterosexual couples are 20+ years apart, with 65% of relationships having the man 0-5 years older than his female partner.

For homosexuals in or seeking an age gap relationship, this offers some hope for finding love (at least for a night), with this poll showing 45% of people having been with a partner 11+ years different to their age. With websites like Silver Daddies, Daddy Hunt etc available, there is an infrastructure to help facilitate such dalliances too.

So don't be shy, explore, and have fun! You're playing with better odds than you might have believed.

x The Age Gap Guys x



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