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Thoughts on Age Gap Relationships and LGBTQ+ Topics


Hi there from Owen (30) and Jeremy (61)!!

We're an age diverse gay couple from London (UK), wanting to do our bit in showing the world that love comes in all forms and to promote embracing who you are.

Having been together for 6 years (eek!!) it's been an amazing journey, and it's been great sharing the experience with you all on Instagram.  Because of the volume of questions we get about  our relationship, we've built this site as a way to answer them, and to get to know you a little better.

We're also aware that there's a lot of negative stereotypes and misinformation out there about age gap relationships and those in them.  Because of this we also wanted to try and share some more honest opinions and perspectives.  We both wish there had been more helpful information  and resources when we were younger (though for Jeremy that was a while ago!!) to help navigate discovering our sexuality and understanding our attractions more.  Hopefully for those out there that are on their journey some of our thoughts may help a little bit.

We're still getting going on here so please be patient, but you can always check us out and chat @TheAgeGapGuys on Instagram (just tap the link below to go there).

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Age Gap and LGBTQ+ Blog

You can see all our blog posts on age gap relationships and LGBTQ+ issues on our blog page here.  However here's a couple of our most recent ones (most take about 2-4 mins to read) 

If you'd like to contribute or had a question, feel free to get in touch!!

"Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all just people and that's it."

Connor Franta

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