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Your Favourite Gay Older Younger Couple:
The Age Gap Guys!!

Hi from Owen (32) and Jeremy (64), a British gay age gap couple (there's a mouthful!!).  We've been together almost 9 years and just got married!!


We're here to help challenge the stereotypes and assumptions that surround age gap relationships, and help others be happy in experiencing age gap love.


Through blogs here, on Instagram @TheAgeGapGuys, and NOW ON TIKTOK!! @AgeGapGays, let's have fun spreading love and positivity.  Give us a follow, and drop us a message and say hey!!

x Love The Age Gap Guys x

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The Age Gap Guys Blog:  Dealing with gay young old and LGBTQ+ issues

Here's our latest age gap blog posts, but visit the blog page here for loads more, hopefully answering and helping with any of your age gap questions, queries and quandries.  If you have a question we haven't answered, let us know!!  Message on Instagram, TikTok or here.

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"Your age does not define you"

The Age Gap Guys

@TheAgeGapGuys Instagram:  Gay Age Gap Life

We believe the strongest way to change minds of people is by showing others that age gap couples are no different and just as happy as others.  So we like to share what we get up to in our day to day lives on Instagram  We'd really appreciate a follow @TheAgeGapGuys and drop us a DM to say hey!!  Here's a few of our latest snaps

@AgeGapGays on TikTok

On video we can have a bit more fun with our age gap.  Follow here for laughs and jokes, while challenging stereotypes.  See below for a quick example

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