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Hi there from Owen (30) and Jeremy (61)!!

We're an age diverse gay couple from London (UK), wanting to do our bit in showing the world that love comes in all forms and to promote embracing who you are.

Having been together for 6.5 years (eek!!) it's been an amazing journey, and it's been great sharing the experience with you all.  We started taking pics on Instagram (@TheAgeGapGuys) to challenge some of the many stereotypes about age gap relationships.  More recnetly we started this website to help others navigate their sexuality and understand themselves a little more.  We both wish there had been more helpful information and resources when we were younger (though for Jeremy that was a while ago!!) to help navigate discovering our sexuality and understanding our attractions more, so this is our little way of trying to help.


Now we're expanding into creating some clothing to help people everywhere, however they identify and whatever they're into, show themselves off to the world with pride.  We're big believers in the power that visibility has in bringing about change in peoples minds and hearts. 


Whether you're here by accident, looking for information, or fancy getting some new garb, thank you so much for visiting, it means the world to us

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Age Gap and LGBTQ+ Blog

You can see all our blog posts on age gap relationships and LGBTQ+ issues on our blog page here.  However here's a couple of our most recent ones (most take about 2-4 mins to read) 

If you'd like to contribute or had a question, feel free to get in touch!!

Visit our LGBTQ+ shop for a whole range of ways you can have fun and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.  From Bears to transgender pride to LGBTQ+ sports, there's something for everyone!!  Here are some of your faves


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"Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all just people and that's it."

Connor Franta

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