Your Favourite Gay Older Younger Couple:

The Age Gap Guys!!

Hi there from Owen (31) and Jeremy (62), an intergenerational age gap gay couple (there's a mouthful!!).  Together 7 years and living in London we're here to help challenge some of the negative stereotypes that age gap relationships get, spread the love, and inspire others to be happy with yourself and live life to the fullest!!

Lots of us in (or wanting to be in) relationships with large age differences face similar trials, tribulations and concerns.  Chatting to you on our Instagram @TheAgeGapGuys) this really became clear, and gave us the inspiration to start up our little blog.

Drop us a note on here or on Instagram to say hey, and we welcome any thoughts on content to try and help others like you.

x Love The Age Gap Guys x

The Age Gap Guys Blog:  Dealing with gay young old and LGBTQ+ issues

You can see all our blog posts on age gap relationships and LGBTQ+ issues on our blog page here.  However here's a couple of our most recent ones (most take about 2-4 mins to read) 

If you'd like to contribute or had a question, feel free to get in touch!!

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"Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all just people and that's it."

Connor Franta

@TheAgeGapGuys Instagram:  Young Old Gay Fun

We like to share what we get up to in our day to day lives on Instagram.  We believe the strongest way to change minds of people is by showing others that age gap couples exist and are happy.  So we like to share what we get up to in our day to day lives on Instagram  We'd really appreciate a follow @TheAgeGapGuys and drop us a DM to say hey!!